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Someone who is half descended from one race.
Dave's mother is Russian, and his father is Canadian, so he is a half blood.
by DuncanD May 26, 2011
Someone who spends their entire day on yahoo! answers telling people asking for music download sites that "Downloading music off the internet is illegal." Listen, if you want people to like you, only tell them about the legality of something if you're getting PAID to do it.
Asker: "Anyone know where I can get a free download of some Avril Levigne albums?"

Answers Asshole: "Downloading copyrighted content from the internet is illegal as the owner does not get financial compensation."

Asker: "Fuck off, what are you Sony's lawyer?"
by DuncanD December 06, 2011
Texting or internet shorthand for "text to land line", as in, a text message sent to a home phone.
(In text messages.)

Guy #1: My phone is almost out of batteries!
Guy #2: Are you at home?
Guy #1: Yeah.
Guy #2: I'll just send you a T2LL.
by DuncanD March 23, 2011
Not a drug city, in fact it has the least drugs of any city in the region. Industrial background, but shifting it's economy to other things. It has parks and trails along the banks of the Recreational Waterway. On this old canal, there are several rowing courses, and two rowing clubs, with thousands of rowers coming from as far away as Virginia to take advantage of it.

Welland is divided into four parts.Northwest, which is where most retail stores and the mall are located. This area also has very nice, older houses on quiet streets. Southwest region is the lowest income in the city. It is a peaceful neighborhood of almost identical townhouses and a great community. It also has four massive housing projects, which have great views of the canal and a giant park nearby. The southeast region retains its industrial heritage, with most people living in row houses that are built from the same plan. This area appears to be the most dangerous in the city, but isn't actually, with a great sense of community. The northeast section of the city is a massive new subdivision, with giant houses with pools selling for two million dollars. The loaded people live here.

Welland has three high schools, two public, and one catholic. It also has a hospital, despite the government's best efforts. The city is home to 40 beautiful murals.

Welland is an excellent place to live. Anyone who thinks it is the drug capital of North America, or a ghetto, or a slum, apparently hasn't been to Toronto.
Idiot: Welland is such a ghetto, full of drugs...
Guy: Wrong, how about you visit a place before you write an urban dictionary definition.
by DuncanD June 02, 2011
Gun control is an idea constantly rejected by almost all republicans. They claim that they need to exercise their right to bear arms, because this apparently makes them and their country safer. This is simply bullshit.

Because the United States has about five times the suicides and five times the homicides related to firearms as other first world countries. No, that's not a a body count based on population, it's a percentage.

Basically, the fact that over a third of you have guns and practically no restrictions on them makes your country a hell of a scary place, for a developed nation. So, go ahead republicans, vote this down. But the truth stands!
Republican bullshit about gun laws causing violence is exactly that, bullshit. Go look up some information for yourself, you redneck idiots, and you will see that you are wrong.

Written by an unbiased Canadian who actually did some research on the subject of gun control in the US and world.
by DuncanD June 01, 2011

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