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38 definitions by Duncan

A fairly mild, and frequently used colloquialism/swear word in the UK. Comes from the old english 'ballock' meaning testicle (apparently shakespeare used this word in his plays!) Has several meanings
That movie was a load of old bollocks - that movie was crap.
That was the Dogs bollocks - That was the best
Oh bollocks! - a mild curse when something goes wrong
by Duncan September 26, 2003
The phenomenon when a girl with a bit of pudge on her stomach wears tight pants but a top that shows her midriff, causing her belly fat to spill over the edge of her pants. Much like the way that biscuit dough oozes out of the container. Also known as muffin belly. See biscuit hips.
She's got a bit of a biscuit belly, I'd hit it after 3 beers.
by Duncan September 08, 2004
To jokeboat is to add superfluous and obvious information to a joke (especially someone else's), usually in a misguided attempt to explain the joke (often because the jokeboater didn't get it initially (<i>i.e.</i> "Missed the Boat on the Joke)).
"Those bees are evil- you'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villany".

"Oh, dude, that's funny, since bees LIVE IN A HIVE!!!"

"Right; that was the point. Quit jokeboating".
by Duncan October 06, 2004
"Head Faggot In Charge" - used as a title.

a takeoff of HNIC.
Oh, you want to talk to the H.F.I.C.- he's the one that makes all the decisions.
by Duncan October 01, 2004
v. to send a person in training for a job on the actual job due to an emergency situation. Named after the movie "Space Camp".
Dude, I've only been studying anatomy for a week, and they made me do heart surgery! They totally spacecamped me!
by Duncan September 29, 2005
completely relaxed, spaced out.
I am so kerned out right now, I don't even wanna move.
by duncan October 11, 2003
A huge burger from In-n-Out (a western US chain) comprised of 6 patties of meat and 6 slices of cheese. See "double double" and "four by four".
"Welcome to In-n-Out, may I take your order?"
"I'll have a six by six and a vanilla shake."
"That'll be $7.50, fattie"
by duncan June 08, 2004