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A slang word for pot (cannabis)
You gettin any beef the night man
by Duncan December 05, 2003
Sexual intercourse.
"He just needs a little Bang Bang k'Tang Tang".

Often used in conjunction with Rrrrubop a hoo bang.
by Duncan November 11, 2003
knife, stabbing device, blade
I'm gunna stab you with my shank.
by Duncan October 22, 2003
"Head Faggot In Charge" - used as a title.

a takeoff of HNIC.
Oh, you want to talk to the H.F.I.C.- he's the one that makes all the decisions.
by Duncan October 01, 2004
Chavs and neds say this to everyone.
Sort of like calling people 'pure gothic bams', 'big junkies', or 'y'bam'

These neds are the bane of Scottish society, They have nothing better to do...... I digress.
Basicly, Neds sy this and it's meant to be insulting.
'Yer ma, y'bam'
'Ah pure had yer ma'
'so did yer ma'
by Duncan January 14, 2004
Short for "Intermission".
"Oh, the show's about to start- I'll see you at Mish".
by Duncan September 29, 2004
A modern adaption of the German St. Nikolas, once said to give out presents to good boys and girls, now a cheap, easy advertising gimmick, see also crass commerse in the Duncan book of cyinicism
hello santa, here's a paycheck,
by Duncan January 14, 2004
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