4 definitions by Dumper Bumper

The ways and means in which niggers attain money. This usually consists of robbery, and cheating government social programs such as welfare and unemployment.
My neighbor pays his rent by way of niggonomics.
by dumper bumper February 28, 2011
The act of having strange and unusual anal intercoarse.
Man, my neighbors really get butt funky when she's on the rag.
by Dumper Bumper February 20, 2011
A gay man's penis.
"Ooooooww, I just love gettin me some big assrocket!" said Dave, the local homo.
by Dumper Bumper February 20, 2011
Someone who enjoys giving anal sex. Can be a straight male, who likes pounding a hot chic's ass, or a gay male.
Good thing I'm a dumper bumper because my girlfriend is a real ass slut.
by Dumper Bumper February 20, 2011

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