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Interjection. A stronger variation of jesus fucking christ. Used to express surprise or shock.
"Jesus titty fucking Christ!! That chick has a dick!"
by Dubious Skunk October 28, 2005
n. Slang for Special Forces, often used in military intelligence circles.
"Grab the keys, we're goin' fishin' with the Boy Scouts down by the bay."
by Dubious Skunk November 01, 2005
(n) Sexually Liberated User of Toys.
"That S.L.U.T. was a pro at double penetration!"
by Dubious Skunk September 29, 2005
1.) v. The act of snorting cocaine.
2.) v. The sexual position in which a woman stimulates two men simultaneously, one penis in either hand.
1.) The friends left to go skiing in the Yayo Mountains over the weekend.

2.) At keg parties, she would often go skiing with the guys beside her on the couch.
by Dubious Skunk November 14, 2005
1.) adv. The state of being under the influence of marijuana, particularly during the beginning, euphoric stage.
As they lay in the sand below the starlit sky, the pair were freshly baked from an afternoon under the sun.
by Dubious Skunk November 14, 2005
The labia, as in how it surrounds the clitoris as if the clitoris is a little person wearing a windbreaker.
It was really coming down in buckets so everyone buttoned up their clit coats.
by Dubious Skunk March 25, 2006
Slang/abbreviation for the labia.

We ran around and played fetch with her hairless lab all night.
by Dubious Skunk March 25, 2006

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