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Similar to a Hollywood balloon knot but this involves putting botox on a man's ball bag removing all wrinkles to make it extra silky smooth.
Candy: Have you hooked up with Charlie yet?

Shaniqua: Damn right girlfriend. He's got the nicest San Antonio Goose Egg you ever felt.

Candy: Damn Bitch
by Drpun May 18, 2009
A worker needs to get ahead at his job so he has to give a special blow job to his manager. It only works on older managers that have a hard time getting an erection. The worker has so suck on the dick and at the same time stimulate the manager's asshole by tickling it with his fingers stretched upwards and always in motion.
Bill wasn't getting enough hours for the work week and he knew the only way to get what he needed was to perform a Caribbean Chipotlie Dance on his manager. Afterwords Bill had overtime for the next month.
by Drpun May 16, 2009
A man, after getting his women to stick her ass up in the air, takes a nice well calculated piss in her asshole. In some special cases the man will continue to make mustard afterwords.
Billy had a long day at work and nothing would make him more happy than making a Golden Pipeline straight to the ass of the Vietnamese girl he just met. He wanted mustard too.
by Drpun May 19, 2009
When a man will only fuck the dirtiest, smelliest, rottenest, wretched pussy that you know or will ever know, and anybody else that you know will know. He can no longer get with a nice pussy because that no longer satisfies him. This pussy is usually found in the worst of living conditions.
Jerry found himself in the most decrepit part of town once again. He strolled the back alleys and the dirtiest bars looking for that one special smell he knew he had to have. His friends knew it before he did and he didn't want to admit it, he was changed forever. Jerry is now an Orlando Fish Finder.
by Drpun May 18, 2009
After having his way with a girl a man shoots his sperm onto her face when she didn't want him to do that. While the girl is thoroughly upset the man continues with his rampage when he starts pissing on the girls face too. From that moment on the girl's life will never be the same.
The mysterious man that Stacy had just met was about to blow his load. She knew the end was near but the sex was very unsatisfying and she was disappointed. The next thing she knew the man stood up and started shooting sperm onto her face. She was so angry she started yelling and cussing at him when all of a sudden he started pissing on her face too. The circle was complete, the Power Vein Hurricane had arrived.
by Drpun May 22, 2009
A woman bends over and shoots her projectile diarrhea into the face of the man who loves her. The roles could be reversed as well and the man could satisfy his lady with his Mexican food leftovers. Preferably this happens after the couple eat at Del Taco.
Stacy had just gotten home from a long day of working at the soup kitchen. She noticed her neighbor had let himself in and there were three bags of Del Taco sitting on the table. She knew what he wanted. She knew he wouldn't leave until she delivered a Death Valley Moonbeam straight to his face.
by Drpun May 22, 2009
When someone eats 3 cans of cream corn then takes a diarrhea dump on their partners asshole. After the dump is complete they slurp it back up with a McDonald's milkshake straw
So Robert had his girlfriend share a whiskey river cream corn experience with him last night and it ended badly.
by Drpun May 16, 2009

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