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A pin sized web camera inserted into the eye of a penis facing outwards that has a live stream running 24 hours a day.
That North Dakota meat camera I installed yesterday was the best investment I ever made. Now you see what my dick sees.
by Drpun May 16, 2009
An under age girl who doesn't mind receiving money for sexual favors.
Tom: Hey, that girl over there is looking real nice. Maybe I'll buy her a drink.

Eric: What? Don't you know she's under age?

Tom: Well maybe she's an Oklahoma Sugar Princess and I can have my way with her big black ass.
by Drpun May 20, 2009
That massive vein that runs on top of the penis. If used right could cause a hurricane.
Whenever I take a piss I can't help but notice that massive power vein.
by Drpun May 22, 2009
An Eskimo woman who has HIV or full blown AIDS.
Tom: Oh man I finally balled that Eskimo chick Cikuq this morning.

Johnson: Shit man! Don't you know she's a North Alaskan Deadliest Snatch.

by Drpun May 18, 2009
A man who no matter what woman he fucks, he gets her pregnant. His ball bag will always provide the gift of life.
Krystal: I may have made a mistake last night. I slept with that new Russian guy.

Karen: Are you out of your mind. He has a Tulsa gift bag.
by Drpun May 19, 2009
When someone, probably in the porn business, gets their butthole botoxed so it's silky smooth and wrinkle free.
I bought 5 new pornos yesterday and in all 5 the girls obviously had a Hollywood balloon knot. Even one of the dudes had one.
by Drpun May 16, 2009
Similar to a Hollywood balloon knot but this involves putting botox on a man's ball bag removing all wrinkles to make it extra silky smooth.
Candy: Have you hooked up with Charlie yet?

Shaniqua: Damn right girlfriend. He's got the nicest San Antonio Goose Egg you ever felt.

Candy: Damn Bitch
by Drpun May 18, 2009
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