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my variation of "Fo Sho"
"Yo foo, can i borrow your pencil"
"fo tru"
by Dro November 13, 2003
To be high as fuck off some killer.
I was so mooked last night that I knocked out an undercover for trying to sell me some poop ass schwag.
by Dro April 11, 2004
to get yo dick sucked.
Shit, that slut gave shane a dsuck while I jacked off on her ass.
by dRo March 23, 2004
On Ash Wednesday, anal-fuck your partner into oblivion. Just before you let loose your goo, pull out,
spin her around, and let it loose in her eyes. Then, wipe your shit-covered dick across her forehead
in the sign of the cross. The result is an observant beeyotch, blinded by your religious experience.
Bless you my child.
This is self explanitory.
by Dro November 18, 2004
means " ugly" not good looking or tore up
"that girl over there is some str8 babbage."

his cd is babbage foreal"
by dro February 24, 2003
Rachel Saperstien. A.K.A. Recky Shlop. Anally fixated. Hangs out with Buddy Butt.
Recky Shlop, that sloppy broad, took it in the ass last night while Buddy Butt watched.
by DRO May 25, 2004
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