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Term for receiving oral sex.
Nothing's wrong with a little medulla.
I got some medulla last night.
by Dreezy Mac January 31, 2007
Smoking marijuana to the point where you cant smoke anymore.
Jim: Hey you want this man?
Tony: Nah I'll pass...I'm fully cooked
by Dreezy Mac January 31, 2007
1. A circle of people passing more than one blunt between them.

2. Method of group sex where men and women alternate forming a chain where the beginning meets the end.
We had a serious wagoncircle goin on last night.
by Dreezy Mac January 31, 2007
Term for a woman's breasts.
Just checkin out your surface area.
Nice surface area!
by Dreezy Mac January 31, 2007
Shmooze, Booze, Cruise. In other words, being highly social, drinking often and playing the room. Refers to what's to be done at parties, mixers, bars, etc.
John: What's the deal with this party tonight?

Craig: Standard SBC, my friend!
by Dreezy Mac July 22, 2007
Term for someone heterosexual who displays homosexual tendencies.
Dude you are such a twang!
You're acting like a twang.
by Dreezy Mac January 31, 2007

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