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The massive deletion of porn from a computer, usually to avoid embarrassing consequences at work.
When the regional manager announced that everyone would be getting new laptops, Fred quickly undertook a porn purge before tech support stopped by with his new machine.
by DrMoop December 14, 2006
A single-speed, fixed-gear bicycle (typically with track handlebars). The hipstermobile is used only in an urban environment, usually to get back and forth between one's loft apartment and the coffee shop.
Check out the dude on the hipstermobile -- he can ride that thing in traffic while sipping on his latte!
by DrMoop December 12, 2007
When a candidate for political office destroys his campaign by using an obscure racial slur on camera.
His macacalypse left a smoking crater where Elmer's campaign once stood.
by DrMoop November 16, 2006
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