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A room build or allocated for the sole purpose of spanking yer love hose, wanking in general or having a wankparty. Usually painted an off yellow colour and containing a sink and towels.
I will be back in a moment Im just going to polish my bishop in the Masterbaterium. Good boy, make sure you use the wanklock on the door.
by DrLoveNuts June 25, 2007
Farting at a busy bus stop and blaming a homless guy passed out on the bench
I went Flamping downtown yesterday, my arse was on fire.
by DrLovenuts June 21, 2007
The act of clearing all the shit Facebook applications out of your profile.
It took me four hours to complete my Faclonic Irrigation, man was there alot of shit in my Facebook!
by DrLoveNuts August 03, 2009
Ugly fat (usually drunk) girl that you dont want to fuck, and she doesnt care because she just wants to blow you off and drink yer cum.
That girl you went home with was ugly, aahh thats ok she was a Spunk Goblin
by DrLoveNuts June 25, 2007
Sticking your finger up a (passed out) drunk girls arse and watching her mouth open in time with the motion of your finger going into her chocolate starfish.
Imagine my suprise when I saw my chance to try out my Arse-yawning technique on a passed out chick at the party last night.

I know, your timing was great...
by DrLoveNuts June 25, 2007
Getting your balls sucked through a tube and hits with a rubber hose
my balls are black and blue after a hard night of Scrooching
by DrLovenuts June 21, 2007

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