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A term explaining the phenomenon of "pulling" people to you and following your activities and antics on an ongoing basis.

In business, the Lady Gaga Effect describes how individuals, groups and organizations create value-added products or services that "pull" people to you using digital media. The Lady Gaga Effect negates efforts to "push" products and services on clients and customers. It may reduce marketing costs since people are continually drawn to you.
Bloggers and Tweeters consciously or unconsciously use the Lady Gaga Effect to create a "buzz" around their latest postings and content. People then follow them because they seemingly get value from their insight and subsequent postings.
by Dr. Rob/Bob January 12, 2011
Those who religiously follow and spout the pontifications of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck (Fox New Network) without regard to facts, scientific evidence, or reality. Right wing ideologists who want to "shout out" any other viewpoints since they, and only they, possess big "T" truth.

Those who are to the right of Ghengis Khan on the political spectrum.
The Blimbonistas continually press their right wing political agenda and impose their ideology on non-believers since they, and only they, possess big "T" truth.

The Fox News Network provides the Blimbonistas and their surrogates a means to spread their ideological statements.
by Dr. Rob/Bob December 15, 2010

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