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4 definitions by Dr Claw

A movie critic; one who is paid off from a major movie studio to give a fake positive fluff review. Sometimes the said "critic" doesn't even exist at all, and is just a fake name with a fake quote. Studios use this tactic as damage control for a potential flop.
"The 3% of critics who gave positive reviews for Battlefield Earth on Rotten Tomatoes definitely had to be plants from Warner Bros. studios. No one could ever voluntarily praise that movie without being bribed. "
by Dr Claw April 24, 2008
The aftermath of a bag of marijuana. Basically, the useless stems and seeds that are unsmokable. Occurs a lot with low quality weed.
"This weed is garbage, I swear I'm pulling out more sticks & stones than actual buds."
by Dr Claw June 17, 2008
Slang word for cocaine, shortend form of "yeyo".
There was enough yaz being snorted at that party to cover the Himalayas twice over.
by Dr Claw April 18, 2007
To hand someone loose crumpled dollar bills as payment for something.>
I was in a hurry to catch the bus, so I gave the driver the crumple at the last minute.
by Dr Claw February 07, 2007