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4 definitions by Dr Billy

To squeeze a booby and pretend its a horn or klaxon type device...see also Hoot
Honk!!! Oooh you cheaky scallywag!
by Dr Billy December 14, 2003
Male genitalia, of such appearance that it is a close visual match to that of a Classic British Chipshop sausage™, or a german sausage.
Hmmm, I'll have a large portion of chips and a large wanger please, guv!
by Dr Billy March 23, 2004
A wrinkled, retracted penis of old dudes in the showers at a swimming pool mens changing room. Mini means small, billy means willy. These are comparable to party weiners at get togethers and other various social events.
"Kieron, its a minibilly fest today!"
by Dr Billy December 14, 2003
To smell of the underside of a flaccid penis..
Kieron is booning
Tome is the King of Boon
by Dr Billy December 14, 2003