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Gypsy word for something better than good
short for kushta ki
You got a qp of dank? awwww shiot das kushta
by dozer August 06, 2003
A sociopathic person with an intense addiction to cannabis. Frequent disregard for his own skin color and surroundings.
Constantly has people that wish to grind him to a dark colored pulp.
Future bum leader.
No job, no money, stolen weed.

AKA minisack.
You're the next minimac! Better kill you now before you piss everyone off!
by Dozer February 06, 2005
a werd mutherfuker, who will bitchslapp you upside the head if you fuck with him
dozer is hot, he bangs all the girls!
by dozer August 12, 2003
Gypsy word for marijuana
Yo wanna smoke some of that cron ass tav?
by dozer August 06, 2003
A homosexual; Faggot; One who partakes in homosexual activities with other men.
A queer.
Craving cocks in the ass is straight up Dozer.
by Dozer March 13, 2003
to be willing and also to participate in same sex love relations with more than one or more people from the same gender. see: faggot
assman, you are gay.
by dozer December 01, 2002
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