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When you wake up the next morning and she's sleeping on your arm so you gnaw your arm off rather than wake her up
by Doug August 13, 2003
Another names for Trainers
Gonna get some new Treads!
by Doug November 24, 2004
The act of playing fast on a guitar. It can be done with grace, anger, and ownageness
Steve Vai shreds like a madman
by Doug April 12, 2004
The most uber stupid, idiotic twat you know.
Leroy is a shitcunt
by Doug November 08, 2003
Pulling on one own penis until ejaculation. AKA punching the ugly midget, wacking-off and flogging the dolphin
Bob's mom had no idea that her little bobbie was crack'in stick when she went in his room to put the clothes away.
by Doug January 29, 2005
Staind is a unique band, they are not labled as Nu metal anymore, Staind is about how Aaron Lewis is Feeling..for instances in Tormented he was a drug head that hated himself for it, and he has Bad ass songs that is not soft at all. In Dysfunction his life is still shit and they get a record deal or something like that from Limp Bizkits Fred Durst which helped there name come out in public and be noticed, in Break the Cycle he is clearing his life and breaking all his bad habits like he says in one of his songs i think. In that new one 14 Shades of grey, he has a daughter now (zoe Jane) and sings his feelings in melodies with fuckin great gurtarists... and if you are a wanna be fan like most people of staind there 4 cd's, not just 14 shade of grey and break the cycle.
Staind is by far the most kick ass band i have ever known
by Doug November 23, 2004
becoming bored with discussion of gay related issues or gay celebrities
MTV has caused more gay fatigue than any gay guy or lesbian could dream of. Imagine, 20 million teenagers a day learning to think being gay is so normal that it deserves coverage 24/7.
by doug March 10, 2004
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