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121 definitions by Doug

A Hoedad is a tool used to plant trees. The Hoedads Cooperative was a unique social and political workforce whose members consciously or unconsciously partook in a restoration and healing of the northwest timber industry that too often was (and still is) motivated by greed instead of sustainable and sound practices.
When I was a hoedad my hands had thick callouses.
by Doug February 22, 2004
An album by Green Day that is compiled of their greatest hits - Came out in 2001 - includes hits "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life), Longview, and When i Come Around - Doesn't include American Idiot Songs because that album wasen't out then - songs off their albums: Dookie, Nimrod, Isomniac, Warning,
I didn't want to buy all of Green Day's CD's, so I bought International Superhits! so I could listen to their best old songs.
by Doug April 10, 2005
The act of playing fast on a guitar. It can be done with grace, anger, and ownageness
Steve Vai shreds like a madman
by Doug April 12, 2004
Pulling on one own penis until ejaculation. AKA punching the ugly midget, wacking-off and flogging the dolphin
Bob's mom had no idea that her little bobbie was crack'in stick when she went in his room to put the clothes away.
by Doug January 29, 2005
A legend fighter. Believed he could not be killed.
Hey man, he plays like crezza...
by Doug January 04, 2005
west indie word has many meannings phonetics mother's cunt
your muthascunt , scunty b, scunt face

suck it scunt face
by doug November 28, 2003
Derived from The Matrix's Neo but better looking and more powerful.
Damn, Dougo's gonna kick some ass
by Doug March 02, 2005