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Northern Irish phrase which when used implied you engaged in sexual intercourse with the recipient of the insult's mother.
Stew: That test was hard
Cooldude: Just like me in your ma

Stew: Jazus it's windy
Cooldude: Yeah blowing as hard as your ma

Stew: Did ya do much last night?
Cooldude: Naw part from your ma
by Double G August 07, 2006
Slang British term for the predominantly male act of masturbation.
I wank every day
I'm dying for a wank
by Double G August 07, 2006
England's American soccer franchise, owned by the Glazer family Man United exist to make money. A faceless corporation without soul or heart. Supported by those who know nothing about football i.e. gloryhunters. (they will be hunting a while by the looks of it.)
Manc: I love Manchester United
Scouser: Lah, you're a pile o bastads
by Double G August 08, 2006
A simple, yet sweet sounding insult which derives from the insult 'spoon.' Usually implies a person is idiotic.
Duh: Is Korea in China
Ntelegent: No it's a seperate country you spoonbucket
by Double G August 07, 2006
Alternative name of football which is hated by real football fans. Used by Americans and other people who practice sad sports which they also believe to be called football (e.g GAA fans.) Those who use this word are often deserving of ridicule.
Yank: Hey dude what franchise is that shirt you're wearing?
Brit: Em it's a Liverpool Football shirt
Yank: NFL??
Brit: Na Premiership in England
Yank: Oh right, soccer man!!
Brit: Use that derogatory word again and I will rip your American testicles off ok?
by Double G August 08, 2006
A Northern Irish shortening of the slang phrase "What's the craic" (pronounced crack) which means "What's up" "What's happening" etc.
NornIronBloke_1: Alright lad wtc?
NornIronBloke_2: ffs you know how much it hurts from last nite!
by Double G August 07, 2006
The Irish Republican Army enjoys the reputation around the world of being freedom fighters and fighting against oppression but in reality are murdering terrorists. The IRA claims to be fighting oppression which isn't there and believe that the pre-dominantly Unionist North of Ireland should be part of the Nationalist Republic. Responsible for numerous atrocities against innocent people and men in the UDR (Ulster Defence Regiment) in the Troubles during which 60% of the deaths they were responsible for. Methods include shootings, bombings and intimidation. Have ripped apart many law abiding, innocent familie's lives.
"The DUP will not negotiate with Sinn Fein as they remain heavily linked with the IRA"
by Double G August 08, 2006

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