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mistaken for a steam kettle,
japenese anime pettle,

fuck off trotter (does flying salsa kick into the balls of strange but true's michael aspel)
by Doppelgofer December 28, 2004
strange mammal occupying the blackburn area. enjoys removing testicles from pants and displaying their sheer size and magnitude
fuck me wu, you could catch a rugby ball in those things

by Doppelgofer December 05, 2004
move to the side of the corridor please...

move to the side of the corridor please...

*WAPISH* move to the side of the corridor please

- but sir you just dropped my pants with your eyes

stand outside please

*WAPISH* stand outside please

- but sir, you are now being carted away for being the biggest child rapist on register
my wife divorced me so i turned to children with my accomplice, mr. gould
by Doppelgofer December 28, 2004
taboo is an absolute sin for those who study and worship that of homana
me: jizzed did i not
sir: U SIR
by Doppelgofer December 21, 2004

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