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A term used both to insult and define people who play only PC Games and hate Consoles(such as Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3). The following traits/beliefs are common among PC Elitists:

1. Graphic Superiority of PCs over Consoles
2. Infinite Backwards compatibility
3. Mouse and Keyboard beat out Controllers
4. Believe that all Games are PC games since you can't program on a Console
5. Believe in User Generated content for games
6. Feel that DLC should be Free.
7. Think Xbox Live is filled with racist twelve year olds.
8. Know what Steam is and have never bought a game from Gamestop since.
9. Feel that FPS should never have went to console
10. Hate Consoles
John: Consoles suck.
Bill: No they don't you PC Elitist

John: Did you read the latest issue of PC Gamer?
Bill: No, John. I'm not a PC Elitist like you.

John: I'm a PC Elitist and proud of it.
Bill: Yes and I can name one more thing you are.
by DontEatRawHagis March 23, 2009
A fictional plot device that is used to eliminate a program. The real life equivalent is closing a program.
Hero: We have to use the kill code to stop the weather machine!

Tim: Can you make me a kill code for Microsoft Word?
John: Yes, its called the exit button.
by DontEatRawHagis May 28, 2010
1. The act of being a backstabber

2. When girls are kind to each other but secretly hate each other.
Jill: Claire is such a bitch
by DontEatRawHagis November 15, 2009
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