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a spiritual, sexual science
Once you go tantric you won't go back -Sex and the City
by Dont Know November 21, 2004
confused, doesn't make sense, not understanding
What she did boggles my mind.
by Dont Know September 01, 2004
Adjective for a small wiener. A bolshin wiener is unable to have an irrection or any kind of sexual arrousal.
The white boy had a bolshin.
by Dont Know January 07, 2005
A loud, abnoxious, annoying white kid that complains about everything while remaining gay all together.
Simbah annoyed me in science class today.
by Dont Know January 12, 2005
A local bar an airport bar or the incredibly famous Vegas bar

Somewhere you get drugged and get raped, or lose virginity, perfect for making your parents angry (If they are dead, at least say sorry to thier grave and bury your fatherless child with them)
1) Mom I need to go to the bar for a drink.
2) Mom I think I lost virginity becuase of bar
3) Dad, were you in the bar yesterday
by DOnt know March 01, 2005
I love him! awwwsss my sexy netherland boy ^.^
Kitty loves furball

Furball is teh secksay

I wish he didn't dump me ;_;
by Dont Know March 01, 2005
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