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3 definitions by Donnie Vomit

Girl who will sleep with any guy wearing greek letters. She has had so much frat boy on top of her she becomes a mattress...literally. Short for frat-mattress
Oh shit Scott, that biatch in that corner is a hardcore frat-mat. I bet doin the grown-up with her is like fucking an old catchers mitt.
by Donnie Vomit January 03, 2006
a loose vadge. A slut or promiscuious girl.
"So I hear you tagged Abby the other nite. How was it?"
"Dude, it was like a hot dog in a hallway."
"That sucks grundle!
by Donnie Vomit January 06, 2006
A girl, also known as a ho or a broadthat neglects to shave her muff, therefore when you depants her and find your afro suprise, you yell "teen wolf!" and howl like a banshee.
I took of Kelly's thong and I let out the biggest teen wolf ever. I couldn't believe a girl that fine didn't keep her snatch trimmed up.
by Donnie Vomit January 12, 2006