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The most amazing tv show ever
Got some great humor in it with handsome shirtless guys, fights, lots of death or nearly death. Four seasons, 60 episodes. Season 3 has 24 episodes , the others 12. Season 5 in july
Fan 1: Omg I love teen wolf so much

Fan 2: Yeah me too I'm waiting for season 5
by fixingthisshit January 18, 2015
Shaking up a beer and biting into the side, puncturing the can with your teeth, spraying beer all over.

Teen wolf does this in the classic movie of the same name while in wolf form.
I took eleven stitches to the face teen-wolfing a beer.
by I am Joel October 11, 2004
one who tends to surf on top of moving trucks
Teen Wolf is showing off again
by kickstanddick November 30, 2004
The rumbling felt in the stomach after drinking; before one has to use the bathroom. Similar to the transformation noise in the 80's hit movie Teen Wolf.
Shawn woke up next to a skaliwag with a headache, a reason to get tested, and one mean Teen-Wolf.
by Cory January 22, 2005
when a person has an outrageous amount of pubic hair....(in some circumstances can be used to decribe other hairy body parts)
Yo! Last night was popping until she removed her under garments and i saw that she was on teen wolf.
Her vagina needs a shower cap, her joint is on teen wolf.
by CoCo Butta 83 June 22, 2011
when some one is an ass virgin and you bend them over and stick your cock in there ass real quick and they let out a howl like a wolf ow ow oooooowwwww!!!
she said she never had anal so i teen wolfed her ass
by gregsadouche July 17, 2011
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