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Noun, Slang Highly appealing or interesting; attractive; Sexy Single Straight Male from Salt Lake City, Utah:

1.A person from Salt Lake City, Utah who is widely acknowledged to have sex appeal, the meaning of Yummy, a Man whose Macho is Gnarly!
2. A Man dedicated to supporting Single Mothers by Donating to Strip Clubs, and Finding the Cure for Breast Cancer.
3. A SL,UTty Martinez refers to a Salt Lake City, Utah association of Sexy, Slutty, Beer Drinkers.
"That guy over there is Such a Slutty Martinez!"

Boy tells Girl, "I am In Like with You"
Girl tells Boy, "I Love You"
Boy feels trapped and can't breathe and says "I am Sorry Hun, I am a Slutty Martinez, I have to Run"

"Women might be able to Fake Orgasms, but a Slutty Martinez can fake a Whole Relationship"
by Don_Mayhem January 22, 2010
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