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A motion similar to a fist pound, but where the two fists do not actually make contact. Used over long distances, times when there is something between the two pounders, or when one person does not want to touch the other.
Ben had his hands in his pants when he burned Donny, so Charlie gave him an air pound.
by Doctor Swiing August 24, 2007
A person with at least one parent from a hispanic country, but who looks completely white. This can include a half hispanic with light hair, pale skin, light eyes, or any combination of those.
His mother was from Ecuador, but he was a total Whispanic.
by Doctor Swiing August 24, 2007
And exclamation used when referring to the coldness of something.
Hot vagina, it's cold out here!
by Doctor Swiing August 24, 2007
A girl whose tits look small when wearing a loose shirt (such as a polo shirt), but are actually larger than they seem.
Damn, I thought her tits were small when she had that uniform on, but when I saw her in a bikini I realized she had hidden hills!
by Doctor Swiing August 24, 2007
The look a person gets when they try their first beer bong. A mixture of surprise, pain, and joy. Usually the eyes become huge, but then revert to normal in an attempt to act "cool".
When he first triet that beerbong, man, you shoulda seen his bongface, it was crazy!
by Doctor Swiing August 24, 2007
A fist pound in which both participants cross their arms, make fists on each hand, and pound the other person's fists.
Seen from above, it would look something like oxxo with the o's being the people's heads, and the x's their crossed arms. A cross pound is used when a regular pound is just not enough.
That was a wicked burn, that deserves a cross pound!
by Doctor Swiing August 24, 2007
A fist pound in which one person gives the person next to him a pound, and that person gives a pound to the person on the other side of him, until the pound reaches it's intended person. Used in situations where the starter cannot see or make contact with the target, such as certain classes. Can often be used in place of an air pound, or vice versa.
In computer class, Lenny farted, so I got a chain pound going across the room to him.
by Doctor Swiing August 24, 2007

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