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Any prepackaged, frozen or marginally edible or nutritious microwavable meal such as pot pies, rice bowls, TV dinners, etc. that can be rapidly fixed and rapidly consumed while in "lock down" at work all day.
Nurse: We are ordering a pizza. Do you want in?

Doctor: No thanks, I brought a prison meal from home.
by docsabre May 06, 2007
an erection so hard a cat cannot scratch it
What did Bill give you for your birthday?

He took me to dinner and then we went home and he showed me his diamond cutter.
by Docsabre May 02, 2007
A cross between a buffalo and a gorilla meant to describe a human being who is ginormous.
Why are the springs shot on this side of your car, dude?

Because my girlfriend is a freeking bufforilla!
by Docsabre May 02, 2007
An erection that is so massive that you may only experience one in your life since two would cause death.
Did you hear that Mellisa's husband died of a reltney?

Yes, and I heard they had to have an open casket funeral.
by Docsabre May 02, 2007
To take a shit. You "launch" an admiral toward the ocean.
Hey, didn't you say you were gonna drop off the kids at the pool?

Yea, but first I have to send an admiral to sea.
by docsabre May 10, 2007
From the Greek, combining lignos, the word for "wood" with "genesis" meaning to give birth to. This pharse describes the ability a particular woman has to inspire an erection. Not to be confused with a perfect erection, the so-called "lignogenesis perfecta".
Man, this disco blows. Not one of these bufforillas has any lignogenic potential.
by Docsabre May 02, 2007
Anglo-Italian slang combo of giant with Italian suffix-"eezmo" imparting the superlative meaning for large, enourmous, gigandous, ginormous, freaking big, etc.
Did you see the nose on that guy?

Yeah, it was giageezmo!
by Docsabre May 02, 2007

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