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33 definitions by Doc

A particularly ugly or miserable looking person, especially a woman
Christ, did you see that bird Tommo was with last night? She had a face like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle
by Doc October 26, 2003
An earlybird who hunt swap meets, estate sales, thrift stores, etc and scoops up the good deals - often for resale in antique shops or on ebay.
'Ole Craig has been a picker for eighteen years and he's still looking for a ten-dollar original Van Gogh!
by Doc July 29, 2004
When a girl tosses off a man while at the same time sucking his balls and humming causing vibrations giving mass pleasure.
"Yesterday my girlfriend gave me a hummer."
by Doc December 12, 2002
The act of having "bling-bling"
Man, you gots some serious blingage going on there.
by Doc May 22, 2003
Hindi or Punjabi term for wanker/fucker
Hey chootya, you just crashed my car up!
by Doc September 29, 2003
just another way to say Ann Arbor, the home of the Michigan Wolverines.
You heading up to A2 sometime?
by Doc February 15, 2005
How can one define a living legend? Ill try.
Porkfry is many things to many people, A loving husband, A dedicated game tester, A famous inter-tron posting guy.

see also - pimpin' LARGE, Spider, Beer
They say this cat Porkfry is a bad mother
by Doc March 19, 2005