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13 definitions by Dman

To drive away very quickly in a car.
As soon as he saw the cops he peeled off.
by Dman December 04, 2003
49 26
A total fucking moron who thinks he's "gangsta." No one on HG likes him, and he should get hit by a truck.
Hatshit you fucking cunt. Die.
by Dman March 23, 2005
9 8
A variation of the word crap; 1337 for crap.
"His counter-strike skills were considered cr4p."
by dman March 25, 2004
4 3
a drink made in the northwest of ireland containing milk, tequila and the breading from kfc drunk from a kfc bucket
i was hangin so bad after drinking cosmin splosh last nite. wrod up
by Dman December 02, 2004
0 1
a magical mystical mystery bus supposedly seen around dublin. most sightings are from drunks late at night wandering around grafton street searching for enuf money for a bacon double cheese burger. Victims of the nitelink have repotred strange smells and noises!
damn nitelink ate my burger
by Dman November 30, 2004
1 2
Lame 80s computer company
Is your Wang INM compatable
by Dman December 12, 2003
1 9
1. Two compact discs
2. To see deez nutz!
Do you want 2 cd's?
2 cd's nutz in yo mouth beeyatch
by DMan December 17, 2003
7 16