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the end result, no matter how sexy ur tummy is beforehand, of eating excessive amounts of food usually at a family gathering of some sort and ending up with a little round belly. no worries, fat tummy disappears after waking from your slumber caused by the "itis". fat tummy is a "condition" rather than a full-blown noun
P1:"ohhh man look at how sexy and toned my stomach is"

*one family reunion later*

P1:"aaagh im soo fat oh no!"
P2:"dont worry thats just fat tummy"

by Dlizzle September 05, 2006
Whore (n) - adj - whoreish, whore-esque ~ exudes the essence of whoreism
1. one who demonstrates a lack of self respect, usually in a sexual manner through dressing in a trashy way or actually participating in the act in excess with excessive amounts of bodies. whores are usually indenial about being a whore
2. (v) - to promote to the point where you've just become a nuisance to society and you should die
3. (v) - to "put oneself out there" in a manner that would define you as a whore see 1
4. one who hogs a material item, usually food, to an unreasonable extent
1. High school is a building filled with trashy freshmen whores who serve as cockteases and cum dumpsters to the upperclassmen because they think it makes them cool and "mature"

2. She whored her band on myspace so that she could be the first myspacer with more friends than Tom

3. Many of the people described in #1 whore themselves to the football team so they can become "cool" in the eyes of their whoreish friends.

4. She ate so many of the krispy kremes that she was permanently dubbed a donut whore and nobody would be her friend because she stole people's donuts, punishable by death
by Dlizzle September 05, 2006
*Fucktard (n) - the combination of being a fuck-up, one who cannot seem to do anything right, or a fucker, a nuisance to society, and an individual who appears to have the mental capacity of a person who is mentally retarded

His incessant jackassory made me wanna juke the hell out of him for being such a queer little fucktard.
by Dlizzle September 05, 2006

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