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4 definitions by Dj Risq

In the UK, originally the white string-vest, but most vests/tank tops get reffered to as Wife-Beaters.
The oniginal example was so called due to the fact that the main type of person who wears string-vests was usually a fat, wife-beating, alchoholic.
...look at that fat man in that wife-beater...
by Dj Risq June 22, 2005
A shaven haven, a smooth punani, a brazillian without the landing strip.
ahhh, thats one sweet shaven peach. I could eat it all day long.
by Dj Risq June 22, 2005
A sigh put into a word

If you dont wanna do summing 'oeuf' is a good way of letting someone know.

If something bad happens to some one, a simple reaction would be 'oeuf'
geeza 1: "Johnny just got arrested"
geeza 2: "Oeuf"

geeza 1: "come on lets go"
geeza 2: "oeuf"
geeza 1: "you not wanna go?"
by Dj Risq June 22, 2005
A turntablist's scratch.
So called because when executed well can sound like a chirping bird.
WOW, listen to them chirps. This DJ is awsome.
by Dj Risq June 22, 2005