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a hairless beaver ; a freshly mowed lawn ; smooth punani
"the queen she got a shaven haven" - Ali G
by glasrauch April 08, 2003
Shaven Haven - When a female shaves her welcome matt (Pubic region).
"Shaven Haven! Repsect." - Ali G "In Da House".
by Hinz January 29, 2005
A shaven haven is a well presented fanny; shaven fully or very neatly, miminal bush. A haven for all who venture there!
The Brazillian is a great example of the way ALL ladies should be! Pornstars are renound for their shaven haven's.
by Big Col May 26, 2006
Sadly, not my bird

A front bottom that is as smooth as a baby's arse smoking a Hamlet
by Algernon St. Querible October 22, 2003
A fully shaved pubescent region, such as a vagina, or penis/scrotum. The term can also describe the head. The term is used in a derogatory fashion, or amidst hyperactive behaviour.
"Did you see Peter's head??"
"Yes! he's gone for the shaven-haven!"
by MayHay August 16, 2011
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