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Orgasm face, the face you make when you are peaking sexual pleasure and cumming
Sex was awsome last night, I made an o-face
by DizzyLizzy March 26, 2007
The night most people lose thier virginty/get pregant
damn fucking prom night
by DizzyLizzy March 06, 2007
Like wifey, it's the guy you wanna be around forever
Wanna chill?

Nah I'm gonna meet my hubby tonight
by DizzyLizzy November 22, 2006
Slang for the females lips of the vagina. Also a candy made by the Nestle company. They have a joke on every wrapper
Girl shake that laffy taffy

I had banana flavored laffy taffy at Jimmy's birthday party
by DizzyLizzy November 18, 2006
douchebag extrodinaire. thank god britney spears dumped him, at least she had a little bit of her common sense left.
If I had to choose who won Douchebag of the year, 2006, I'd say kevin federline

where are all the definetions of kevin federline? here underdouchebag
by DizzyLizzy December 21, 2006
One who changes their layout, song, and default image every day.
Kelley is a myspace chameleon
by DizzyLizzy November 15, 2006
A fashion trend that started in 2003/2004 and people often wear them with minskirts and tanktops. It's like 100 degrees and your feet smell because of uggs just use flip flops much better.
My 5th grade teacher wore uggs
by DizzyLizzy November 22, 2006

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