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Some one who is psyco.
your a freekin whacky ass whacko!
by Dixie Normous July 14, 2003
Really loves the Above listed girl. (Kayla Hons)

Also loves the rap
Jon Chesky
by Dixie Normous May 22, 2004
Usually the case when a victim has been biten by the notorious slut. In some cases this kind of an incounter leads to becoming a slut.
Damn! that slut just bite me, I might get slut rabies!
by Dixie Normous March 19, 2004
Large member of the male genitalia used in anal insertion, purferably in females.(or males if you like that..... I guess)
Hey baby, come take a ride on my Rectum Rocket.
by Dixie Normous March 03, 2003
klowns of beechboro
keg of beer

nice kob work on your car
kob in full effect
broken down again? who worked on your car KOB?
by dixie normous April 27, 2003
the coolest band in the known universe in its entirety.Kicks the shit out of that homopunkrock band modern age.the members of desmadre, have the largest cocks in texas.the bassist is a god ammong men,he also gets tons of pune.
Dude, desmadre really kicked ass last night,or, Man those guys from desmadre gangbanged my sister and now she cant walk.must be from the enormous cocks they posses.
by Dixie Normous January 15, 2005
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