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he is the lead singer of Linkin Park
Linkin Park is da best!
but dat's just me
by Ditto39 June 06, 2004
Track#7 on Linkin Park's Meteora
Faint has live strings. It is a wicked song
by Ditto39 March 05, 2004
The seriously hot emcee (rapper)for Linkinj Park
Mike is SSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot!!!Too bad he's married. ANNa got to him first, though. Good luck and happi marrige
by Ditto39 February 07, 2004
Chester Bennington's kid.
haven't u heard?
Draven Sabastean Bennington.
Draven Bennington.Don;tkno what the kid looks like, nor his mom. i onli kno what his dad, Chester Bennington
lead singer of LINKIN PARK looks like

by Ditto39 June 06, 2004
something i don't have
I don't have any money. I'll have to ''borrow'' some from my brother
by Ditto39 February 08, 2004
The bass player for Linkin Park
Phoenix isn't his real name. Hes cool
by Ditto39 February 07, 2004
Someone who dosen't skate, but wears skating brands like adio and all those brands
He is such a fruit boarder. I mean, he wears the brands, but he dosen't skate. you can tell by his walk. He is such a poser.
(IN this case, you can also call this person a fruit boarder, because they are.
by Ditto39 March 31, 2004
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