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Your local Wal-Mart owned McDonalds restaurant.
"Hey guys, wanna go to WalMac's?"

"Sure! It's helluva lot cleaner there, anyways."
by Disperse April 10, 2009
Out of context/form/shape/etc. Out of sync. "Whack".
Dude...your rooms' been looking all helter skelter lately!
by Disperse December 08, 2008
During intercourse, when a man excretes in-between a woman's breasts, ejaculates onto said excrement & finally "mixes" it together with her breasts.
Big Joe: Ahh bro, i totally frapped Cindy last nite!

Jeff: Trying to mix things up, eh?*

Big Joe: You can say that again!

*Frappucino humour
by Disperse April 10, 2009

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