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When a man is going through his monthlies
"You are a bitch right now - are you on your manstration?"
by Jeremy W September 12, 2005
when a man is in a particularly unpleasant mood, for no appearant reason.

A short tempered man
The male term for PMS, or bitchiness
Kyle: Dude just shut up already, you're annoying the hell out of me.

Sammy: Would you like me to get a tampon for that manstration?
#bitchy #moody #pms #uncool #temper tantrom
by Ima Crazy Bitch August 15, 2009
The irrational periods of anger that all males will experience at least once. Usually lasts 24-48 hours.

It is believed to be due to a random influx of testosterone in the male's body. It is the driving force behind all creation, all civilization, and all invention.
Symptoms include, but are not limited to:
-Wanting to punch inanimate objects for no specific reason
-Pulsing headaches that can only be treated by punching things
-Voracious hunger, best remedied with large quantities of steak.
-Excessive swearing
-Excessive drinking
-Periods of intense intelligence/ambition followed by periods of ignorance/lethargy
Julianus: Shit bro, I'm manstrating hard. Wanna build an empire to fuck shit up?

Romulus: Sure man, creating an empire that has a big ass legion must be the equivalent of punching dozens of inanimate objects.

Julianus: True shit. That's one of the best cures for Manstration.
#manstrating #manstrate #man #bro #testosterone #blessing #curse #hormones #mood swings #anger
by Bando-De-Shamrock May 29, 2013
when a man is in a particularly unpleasant mood, for no appearant reason.

A short tempered man

The male term for PMS, or bitchiness
eg: w loots - manstration
#manstration #manpon #tamponman #man-bitch #tool
by synergyxcoza January 14, 2011
Manstration is when a man becomes bitchy and theres some blood involved...

the word comes from man and frustration.
Billy and Jim got into a fist fight... I think its due to Jim's manstration... I dont want to clean up their mess.
by Au. March 29, 2016
When she just got back from a week at her grandmother's house and hasn't been touched in forever so you just take one for the team and after like the sixth time in a half hour that you've cummed it doesn't even feel good at all it's just incredibly painful but you keep going because she's still horny and finally on the seventh time when your dick is just shouting out "STOP STOP" you have a weak hellaciously painful nothing of an ejaculation and realize that blood just came out your dick.
Doctor: You've ruptured your vas diverenze, seminal vescicals, popped one testical and backed up your epididimus with coagulated blood and seman. if you have sex again in the next year you will die. How did this happen?

You: Manstration
#haitian #girls #are #crazy #horny
by The Lonliet Monk December 31, 2007
Male masterbation.
Yesterday's hot weather really inspired some "manstration".
#jack off #spank #wank #beat-off #jerk-off.
by DiscoDuck August 18, 2009
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