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A sexual act as defined: Hide in the shower and quietly masturbate while your significant other is taking a dump. Just before you ejaculate, rip open the shower curtain, push her off the toilet onto the floor and blow a load all over her freshly laid poop. Quickly exit the bathroom before being punished.
Person 1: You'll never believe what I did last night! I pulled off the infamous "German Sharpshooter"!

Person 2: Right on Bro!

Person 3 : That's disgusting.
by Dirty Rotten Rob September 08, 2011
A sports drink formulated by Roman Polanski to be drank directly after engaging in unlawful sexual acts with a minor.
Person 1: Goddamn I'm so thirsty, I just ran a train on that young skally.

Person 2: Grab a Polanskaid, there's some cold ones in the fridge.

Person 1: Thanks bro, I think I have an electrolyte imbalance.
by Dirty Rotten Rob December 23, 2011
To ejaculate upon your wrist and proceed to show someone your fancy new "watch". This idea was conceived in an Avila Beach bar, which resides within the county of San Luis Obispo.
Example 1: Can you look at my watch and tell me what time it is?

Example 2: While walking out of the bathroom at the bar, "Oh no, these girls already have watches on!" (True story).

Example 3: Gonna give my girlfriend a San Luis Wrist Watch surprise when I get off work tonight.
by Dirty Rotten Rob December 09, 2011

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