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A rather crude and low quality tape-based video recording format from the 70s, which remained popular 'till the 90s, mainly because it was the lowest common denominator (practically everybody back then had a VHS machine).

VHS can capture only a portion of the detail the TV signal offers (less than 50%), even in "standard play" mode. Original VHS recorders could only record low quality mono sound, but later-day VHS recorders could also record Hi-Fi stereo. The biggest disadvantages of VHS were it's low quality blurry picture, and the fact the tapes lost even more detail when stored, played or copied. So, once you wrote something on VHS, it was guaranteed to become progressively worse in terms of quality over time.

A close cousin of VHS is S-VHS, an upgraded version which captures most of the detail the TV signal offers (close to 90%), but unfortunately S-VHS tapes lose detail over time too.

People like me who like to preserve their family videos and TV recordings for as long as possible hate even the mention of the name VHS (and S-VHS), as it brings back bleak memories from the 80s of their favorite videos rotting away without them being able to do something to save them (copying them resulted in loss of detail by itself and was only a temporary measure).

Better recording alternatives include DV recorders, DVD recorders, DVRs and media center PCs.

Believe it or not, there are people who still like VHS and mourn over it's loss, for reasons that contradict common logic.
-Me: Why are you treating your family videos so badly by writing them to VHS tapes?
-Other guy: I am retro dude! DVD is a conspiracy by corporations to make you buy more stuff.
-Me: Let me guess, you also drive a carriage to work instead of a car, because cars are a conspiracy to make you buy more stuff?
by DimK October 31, 2011
The period (usually two or three weeks) following the purchase of a new electronic gadget, when you are so much in love with your new gizmo that everything about it seems perfect. It doesnt matter how good or bad it actually is, the honeymoon period will always exist (believe it or not, even Vista users had a honeymoon period with their new OS). After the end of the honeymoon period, logic takes over emotion, and you can finally judge your new gadget more objectively, and thus decide whether the purchase was a success or failure. The duration of the honeymoon period is proposal to how good the gadget actually is.
Vista user: “This new Aero environment looks pretty slick, and look at those cool bundled multimedia tools!“

Same vista user, three weeks later: “Vista sucks! What‘s the point of having all those visual effects if the system is dog slow, and the bundled multimedia tools dont support any format that matters, like mp4 or divx avi“ (honeymoon period ended)
by DimK August 28, 2011
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