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4 definitions by Dillweed

a person that isn't gay but becomes gay for their prison term.
In order to be protected from the other inmates, little Bobby became gay for the stay.
by Dillweed April 02, 2007
A woman gettin' gay with another woman in prison. Usually the whorebagger is heterosexual but is gay for the stay and thus becomes lezbo while in prison. The whorebagee is usually a regular garden variety lesbian.
To get some cred, Emily started whorebagging with one of the alpha prison butches.
by Dillweed April 02, 2007
A friend that always has a good supply of Soma and someone you can rely on when you need a 3/3 buzz
After Sally's arrest she was whorebagging it up in the pen with one of her old somie homies.
by Dillweed April 02, 2007
heterosexuals who get gay in the workplace and only commit acts of homosexuality while on the clock
Mary and Sally both gay for the 9-5 stay, often spent lunch hour munching carpet.
by Dillweed April 02, 2007