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Phrase To prematurely cease fecal evacuation by voluntary sphincter contraction.

Derivation: From the friendly "Bear" character in the 80's hit British kid's TV show "Rainbow".
The door bell rang, so I had to snip Bungle's finger and wipe as I sprinted to answer it.
by Diddly January 27, 2004
An "angry one" is a an aggressive wank where one thinks very bad thoughts about a person of the opposite sex in a bid to ejeculate in record time.

Care must be taken not to inflict injury on one's own member.

Often the mental scenario will include a female participant whose beef curtains will never be encountered by the beater of the meat.
A: Hey, look at that girl over there, her tits are awesome
B: Indeed they are
A: Well, I hear she's so rude she lets you fuck her up the trumper on the first date
B: {disappears behind nearest tree and fires off an angry one whilst picturing himself being the star of the aforementioned cock/ass situation}
by Diddly October 20, 2004
The portaloo was approaching horizontal, so I snipped Bungle's finger and got outta there!
by Diddly January 28, 2004
Fizzy Wee is a term for spunk, jizz or any of the other multitude of terms for the white creamy stuff that comes out of the end of a man's love truncheon 0.00000123 seconds after he screams "you are on the pill, right?"
I inserted my penis into her love tunnel, jiggled it around a bit, pulled it out and did a fizzy wee all over her fun bags
by Diddly October 20, 2004
stupidface -- person who is Gloria and has a face exhibiting stupidation.

synonyms: stupidhead, poopbutt, Gloria, etc.
Gloria is a stupidfaced poopbutt.

Gloria exhibits classical stupidfacedness.
by Diddly March 03, 2005
HAJ - Half A Job

Used to indicate an event where someone has clearly got fucked off mid-way through a task and got someone else to finish it for them (or even just passed it off as complete when it blatently isn't)
For fuck's sake Diddly, do I have to finish off everything you do. that's such a fucking HAJ!

I wouldn't be surprised if you don't give me a shout mid-way though an angry one and get me to finish it off for you.
by Diddly October 20, 2004
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