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memorandum is when you strike the judge in the face with your left shoe during a court session. you then hop up to the nearest table claiming you had a short written statement outlining the terms of an agreement, transaction, or contract. when the marshall runs over to restrain you, you whip out your genitalia and call the marshall mr peepers. then begin to masterbate onto the marshall, while screaming old songs like "my console by Eiffel 65" when the judge regains conscience you strike him/her again with your junk and call it a night....if the marshall calls you the next night.. then the memorandum has been completed.
did you hear? mike finally got his memorandum this weekend at small claims..
"yea... good for him"
by Dgtlhybrd March 09, 2005
fuggin_joke is jessica howard
that girl wes likes... man.. fuggin_joke.jpg
by Dgtlhybrd March 09, 2005

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