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21 definitions by Dexter

a nigger who sucks cock for crack cocaine
niggah what, I'll suck yo dick fo some crack baby!
by dexter July 12, 2003
4 12
a blackman, that sucks cocks for crack
hey man, please let me give you head for crack
by dexter July 12, 2003
2 13
Addictive text based web game.
find the game at
by Dexter January 11, 2004
12 25
Simply a slang preposition negative in nature. Used best when combined with shoosh.
Dude, you're in the boosh.
Man, shoosh in the boosh
by Dexter March 26, 2003
5 26
Rehab, like rehabilitation, suggesting that vyaches with verbal problems like always wearing track pants and a fleece with no shirt underneath and chest hair showing and smelling like immigrant BO need to be rehabilitated. Which they do.
Blagoslav, you're a total hab, you dumb spaz!
by Dexter March 26, 2003
7 32
Slang for business - also slang for cunt which is slang for pussy which is slang for vagina.
None of your bisnatch.
Stay away from my bisnatch.
by Dexter March 26, 2003
17 46