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Super hero named who's real name and identity are uknown (cough cough) he spends his days fighting off Lord Twonkie and attending high school.
Up in the sky!! It's a bird!! It's a plane!! It's........DUN DUN DUN!!! TWINKIE MAN!!!
by Dexter November 19, 2004
Shape-shifting cat that belongs to Mr. Bertain, can transform into any creature/object immaginable.
EX. Fluffy the wonder ovary
Fluffy the wonder endoplasmic reticulum
Allright everyone, this is Fluffy the Wonder Nucleus.........
by Dexter November 19, 2004
Enormous creature of immesurable power with 22 mouths and 367 teeth. Don't wear pink/green around him.
:Watches you get eaten by Ramborg while laughing because you did not take my advice:
by Dexter November 19, 2004
A sharp upward yank on another person's gonchies. Usually painful but entertaining to behold. An especially useful technique in warding off unwanted and raunchy immigrants who like showing chest hair.
Person 1: Dude, i'll give you ten bucks if you give blagloslav a gonch pull.
Person 2: I'll do it for free! Uh, do you have any gloves?
by Dexter March 26, 2003
Large creature possesing no resemblence to a crab. 16 mouths, and is clinicly insane. Avoid at all costs.
If you were to come across Crabdor......hmmmmmmm...........::thinks:::
by Dexter November 19, 2004
See spork
I ate the Southwest Steak Bowl with a froon.
by Dexter October 27, 2003
Bizzare noise made by Att. (See Att)
Look!! It's an Att! Maybe it will say "Woff" and digest us!!!
by Dexter November 19, 2004

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