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A word used to describe a person who was raised in less privelidged areas of the world, ie. Nebraska, who used to hate gay people and anything too colourful or fabulous for them to comprehend. Then they meet a person who happens to be gay who changes their perception, and starts to develop a sense of style and beauty and understanding that actually ends up benefiting them.
Joseph is such a formerphobe!!! Can you believe he used to wear those jeans!?!?!
#homophobic #narrow minded #ignorant #enlightened #blessed
by Devo-licous November 26, 2005
A dyke sack is a word used to describe a person who is not a dyke at all, but is used only because they would really be pissed that you called them that word when you are not even implying that they are a lesbian.
Damn that Erica is a massive dyke sack!
#dyke ball #smelly dyke #reek dyke #tuna twat #bulldyke
by Devo-licous November 26, 2005
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