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Deez Nuts yo motha fucka
Dude, back off or I'll kick you in the grimble berries


Dude, she was suckin my dick, then she started working on my grimble berries
by Devin February 09, 2005
One who acts retarded and thinks he knows everything.
Elliott is a fucktard
by Devin August 26, 2003
More Leetzor than Lazzlo and Everything eles
IQofbutter > You
you know its true
by Devin February 05, 2005
a good site
ie devin.isgod.net is the best site in the universe
by Devin March 21, 2004
an un-real "man". the early people of this planet needed a way to order us, realizing that fear can have great control. the came to the points of, if your bad during life, you'll burn for eternity when you die, but if your good during life, you'll live in paradise after death, all that just to have a few men be happier while living this pointless existance, thus i beleive nothing, choose what you may, but he's bull shit, besides. if he were real, there would have been picturs of him made from blood on cave walls other than naked guys chaseing deer with spears, if the first humans didnt know of him, how did some one way later discover him? they didnt, its was a cover for control
Cave men, lived to survive, no god.
Later man, lived to control, by thought of god
by devin June 19, 2006
1. Exclamation, used in surprise, replacement for gasp hark etc...
2. Used in place of a swear word or any other word.
1. Alask! I die...
2. I alasked your mom last night!
by Devin October 20, 2004
Annoying and noobish
Eagle 16 Nam: hi
IQ of Butter: STFU noob of doom
by Devin February 05, 2005

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