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Someone who has a phobia of being or being labeled a homophobe.
"I think Jeff is a homophobophobe, every time he says anything relating to a gay person he says "Not that there's anything wrong with being gay".
by DevSteve October 19, 2011
Someone who cannot touch anyone of Mexican heritage without becoming sick. Like Lactose Intolerant but with Mexicans instead of milk.
"Yesterday some Mexican guy hugged Erika and she nearly puked. I think she's Latino Intolerant."
by DevSteve September 22, 2011
Someone who takes Tylenol (acetaminophen) at every possible occasion, whether or not it is necessary.
Jake: Why does Sarah always carry Tylenol?
Jeff: Dude, she's an acetaminophile, you haven't notice her popping pills all time?
by DevSteve October 25, 2011
Although many mistake this abbreviation as 'What the fuck?' or 'World Taekwondo Federation', it actually stands for 'Welcome to Facebook!'. First coined by Abraham Lincoln in the late Jurassic Era, WTF became a popular phrase used by young people everywhere. Abraham Lincoln was shortly after assassinated by Communism, starting both the Vietnam War, and WWII (and the Cold War, if you really want to call it a war).
"WTF Mom!?! You added me on Facebook!?!"
"What does WTF mean young man!!"
"uhhh... Welcome to Facebook?"
"Ohh, thank you!"
by DevSteve March 31, 2012
A non-existent place, often used sarcastically when explaining how hard finding a certain object/place/person would be.
"Dude, turn around, I think I dropped my wallet in the lake!"
"It's hopeless, you might as well look for a Somalian Library!"
by DevSteve March 31, 2012
A game where 3 or more people enter an air-tight room or closet and open a can of Tear Gas. The last person standing (left in the room) wins.
"Nick is such a puss! He only lasted 10 second in Tear Gas Chicken!"
"Yea dude, I heard he had a panic attack and had to leave!"
by DevSteve March 31, 2012
A brand of cat food primarily intended to be eaten by cats.
I like chicken! I like liver! Meowmix Meowmix! Please deliver!
by DevSteve March 31, 2012
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