18 definitions by Destiny

someone who loves to eat there muffins backwards..lol
niffum oh my god look at him eat it
by destiny November 07, 2004
Someone who has a sick mind and every word he hears makes him think of sex. Basically,some guy who's not getting any or getting too much.
My god,Jerry's such a rilver.He here's the word stick and instantly thinks of his eleventh finger
by Destiny March 26, 2005
A blue monkey one sees when they sniff nail polish remover.
see stidge
Whoa.Wazzup,Fopzinger? Is that rainbow-colored unicorn for me?
by Destiny March 23, 2005
Can be run. Only the most highly intelligent computer programmers use this word.
The query is runnable.
by Destiny March 29, 2005
A misspelling of the word stooge,but still funny anyway because I say so.
Origin:a blue monkey named fopzinger
"Fopzinger was right. He is a stidge.
by Destiny March 23, 2005
someone who has pointy elbows
lmao ooh im a muppet
by destiny June 19, 2004
a person thats been there 4 u through thick and thin but is of latino or latina discent
yo kate....thats my spigga right thea
by destiny December 24, 2002

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