18 definitions by Destiny

daughter of tyman and mary, sister to vanessa, tyler, and tedel
grettle is so darn tootin cool
by destiny May 28, 2004
my slum lord rented me and my family a home w/sewage leaking out the back of the trailor,and no boby seems to care when i told him about it he said he had to pop a hole in the line and to just put somemore duck tape around it and it would b ok.
nasty land lord
by destiny January 12, 2004
Girls or guys that goto a carnival to have sex with the workers!
Let's goto the carnival and pick up some carnies
by Destiny June 18, 2004
destiny is a sinfull women who loves to be a woodland creature..
ooh spots ur such a cougarim on top again lmao..
by destiny June 19, 2004

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