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deena is a fun loving person..who is extremely silly and well endowded
ooh deena what is ur cup size
by destiny June 19, 2004
to feel the heat; to feel pressure
Girl, my man grilled me last night about where I been.
by Destiny October 16, 2004
To act like a lion...
you run up to someone in a lion costume and scream RAHH (it is fun!)
by DEstiny January 29, 2005
the best team in the NFL!
Got screwed out of the 2005 superbowl by that oh so good looking new england QB!! ..Bastard
...they just kick ass
by DEstiny January 29, 2005
Whats up?
person1: w^
person2: nuttin, just chillin drinking
bud and watching the game
by Destiny November 18, 2003
just asking
person 1:do u like me? j/a
person 2:no, why u asking? u like me?
person 1:i dunno, was j/a
by Destiny November 16, 2003
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