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A word short for gossip, used only by those who participater in the creation or spreading of gossip
Oh... My... GAWD! Gurl, Shaniqua's got some straight up goss on Lawfanduh!
by Derek Byrd January 26, 2005
One of the incredible online communities Waqcku is in, by far the greatest web site ever created, led by Jick and his excellent staff
Wow, scince i have started playing on the Kingdom of Loathing, i don't sleep, eat or see any people besides my mom!
by Derek Byrd January 26, 2005
1. To last forever, never ending.
2. To be eternally in-style, not a passing fad but a constant part of mainstream culture
1. Yousa my bro', Outkastin Eva' Lastin
2. These converse are totally a fad, but my Spongebob watch is Outkastin Eva' Lastin!
by Derek Byrd January 26, 2005
1. In spansih, with meat
2. Exceptionally cool, when added on the end of an adjective, meaning "twice s cool"
Derek, you is cool con carne!
by Derek Byrd January 26, 2005
Shorthand for "flippin delicious", used by people who are too lazy to add an extra syllable between phrases, or want to sound cool.
Aw man, this is one flippalicious cookie!
by Derek Byrd January 26, 2005
A word meaning askew, not right; something odd or unusual
Whoa Derek, your hair is lookin pretty skiwumpus today! Buy a come you mofo!
by Derek Byrd January 26, 2005
1.A word meaning incredibly cool, neat or interesting
2. An adjective meaning on-the-scene, interresting or fun to be around
This show is some straight phat krunchy shit fo'shco!
Woah dawg! You is straight up kruchy aight!
by Derek Byrd January 26, 2005

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